click reference text messaging dating services Jemal Cameron Lewis Meet Jemal Cameron Lewis, better known as J-Maul the Don, an aspiring young hip hop sensation. Born December 23, 1989 and raised in New York City when political rap music and social consciousness dominated urban culture; J-Maul was being groomed from the start by veteran Emcees, Deejays and Producers.

speed dating series He was just a youth attending recording sessions as a guest of his father, a highly sought after music producer by trade, who, at the time, refused to allow the young Capricorn’s participation in the business of making music; that is, until after maturity. Lo and behold, J’s time to shine on the mic came sooner than expected when he started to display extraordinary lyrical ability and immense skills in the written arts.

read the article At the tender age of 11, still a student of the game, J-Maul discovered the overwhelming power of laughter. Using humor to his advantage, he pushed it to the limit, subtly incorporating antics into his songs, thereby, charming his way into the hearts of all those who would listen, and soon after, into the vocal booths of shaolin. His freshmen releases, include titles such as: Nightmare on Elm Street & Easy Money Volume 1.

site de rencontre serieux 2013 gratuit Ahead of his time, and smarter than most boys at that age, Mauliano the Don, somehow, seemed to internalize that storytelling was the way to go. “It was a gift,” his family and friends exclaim! Add in the fact that he’d humorously avoid profanity throughout his teens and exhibit his works with great poise and confidence on the spot and you’d have the workings of a well balanced artist – During showtime, in particular, J-Maul knew how to touch an older audience without offended anyone or leaving his comfort zone, because, J-Maul is a people pleaser!
This skill set did not diminish, it only grew stronger with time, rallying key members of the label, Smoke Media Group®™, to his side with clever metaphoric verses, sharp punch lines and catchy hooks, awarded him the much needed attention to claim the studio and prove himself as a force to reckon with.

rencontre avec mlle ducar Today, J-Maul, a native Staten Islander, standing 6’1” tall, currently age 24, paid his dues by ”battling it out” in the underground circuit on the east coast for nearly a decade. Fully equipped and ready for the majors, your boy has honed his talents and reinvented the craft with superb lyricism that is second to none. Armed with a team of music veterans which includes: SMOKE, RNS, BUCKWILD, CUETRAX, GOOCH MUSIC, MONEY HARM (PRODUCT G&B), JUNE LUVA (GP-WU), NEPH, GUY RUTEAU (SONY), DJ XCEL, Dr. AMMA, HAX, WIZ, Wink and the entire Smoke Media Group family – J-Maul is ready to embark on a fun-filled and fantastic journey of his own. His newest album self titled FROM MY MOUTH TO GODS EARS is “AWESOME” and schedule for release this year. J-Maul, determined, and destined to become your next music icon inducted into hip hop’s halls of fame.  

read Smoke Media Records

Founded in1995 by Jemal “Smoke” Lewis, Smoke Media Group ®™ is a New York City based Record Label whose Principal Performance artist is J-Maul™.

Others in association with SMOKE RECORDS include: male R&B vocalist Money Harm (the Product G&B), Recording Artist Dr AMA, rapper Pop the Brown Hornet, Technical Production Director RNS, Record Producer Phantom of the Beat, Composer cuetrax™ (q-tracks), Producer Paul “the Gooch” Cantor, DJ XCEL Guy Routte and Smoke.

Following his passion for music business, “Smoke”, incorporated the new label and is now actively developing talent to be released worldwide. The intuitively egger entrepreneur who also plays clarinet, reads and writes music embarked upon a journey of his dreams to preserve his definition of Hip-Hop. By avoiding conformity to trends or sudden shifts in preference within the culture Smoke retains the title, purist; bullishly deploying a unique team of Producers, D.J’s and M.C’s, A&R’s, Music Executives/Directors, Artists, Promoters and Graphic Designers to sculpt the brand that is known to all as Smoke Media Group & Smoke Records